Capture it. Share it. Love it. 

Large volume unique experiences designed specifically for your party and your people. 



  • Offer an awesome custom experience for VIP guests in Los Angeles
  • 1. Use 10 seconds of content from (3) of their top shows.content.
  • 2. Be the life of the party and create engaging content.
  • 3. Shareable on social to generate views


10 seconds of video magic was made in our PopUp and shared instantly via Ipad putting buzz of the red carpet event in hand of hands of celebrities with thousands of followers.



Create 450+ music videos live at Comic Con in San Diego:
1. Use content from their Monster High show and We are Monster High song.
2. Let convention goers easily create a 30 second music video on the spot with no additional post editing.
3. Create professional quality branded content that could be entered into a music video contest and shared on social.


During the convention we accomplished their objectives each day with immersive technology. Loyal brand consumers interacted with our team and the Video Booth sharing content on Instagram. Over 450+ unique music videos were shared creating an extension, lasting content, memories and organic brand marketing.



  • Experience @ LA Live
  • Interactive video green screen experience that allowed attendees to win their own Hip Hop award.
  • 1. Shareable on social to generate views
  • 2. Data capture


> Built out a custom stage set
> Over 1,000 loyal BET consumers instantly shared their videos on social channels from our PopUp spreading the BET love with the world.
> Reaching 101,785 impressions